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CF-Conventions File Checker
This form allows you to run the "" script to check that the contents of a NetCDF file comply with the Climate and Forecasts (CF) Metadata Convention. The CF-checker was developed at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, UK Met Office by Rosalyn Hatcher. This work was supported by PRISM (PRogramme for Integrated Earth System Modelling). Development and maintenance for the CF-checker has now been taken over by the NCAS Computational Modelling Services (NCAS-CMS). If you have suggestions for improvement then please contact Rosalyn Hatcher at NCAS-CMS (
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Process Inputs

Parameter name Title Abstract Data type Item or array Permitted lengths Allowed values Labels displayed for allowed values Is dynamic?
CheckAgainstCFVersion Check Against CF Version Version of the CF Conventions that the NetCDF file should be checked against. string item - auto







- False
NCFileURL URL to your NetCDF file - string item - - - False
NCFileUpload Upload a NetCDF file You may upload a NetCDF file to this service using this loader. file_upload item - - - False
NCFilePath File path to NetCDF file A file path pointing to a NetCDF file on the server. string item - - - False
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