The CEDA Web Processing Service (WPS) provides a set of useful functions (processes) under a simple Web Service. The WPS User Interface (UI) is a web front-end that allows the user to run processes ranging from a simple plot request to a complex model simulation (run on an offline server).

The WPS documentation describes the structure of the service, the technologies that have been used to build it and explains what a WPS "process" is. Check out the the contents page or jump straight to the main features of the WPS or WPS processes.
The WPS provides various processes that can be run on data sets held on the local file system. The processes page provides a list of available processes, with links to details such as the inputs and outputs produced in each case.
To run a process click on the Processes option above and click on the process you wish to use. This will present you with job submission form that allows you to select the required inputs before submitting a job. Complete the form and click the Submit button. For quick processes the job will run immediately and your outputs will be accessible from the Jobs page. Larger processes will be run asynchronously and you will be informed how long the job will take to run before being asked to confirm you wish to submit.

Please note that some processes are restricted to registered users only.
Click on the Jobs page (logged in users only) to view any previous jobs and/or the status of any current jobs.
On the Jobs page you can view any jobs that are currently running. Click on the "Cancel job" link beside a job to instruct the WPS to terminate that job. The job will disappear from your jobs list once cancelled.