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CF-Conventions File Checker    View details    Process XML    Submit a request   
This form allows you to run the "" script to check that the contents of a NetCDF file comply with the Climate and Forecasts (CF) Metadata Convention. The CF-checker was developed at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, UK Met Office by Rosalyn Hatcher. This work was supported by PRISM (PRogramme for Integrated Earth System Modelling). Development and maintenance for the CF-checker has now been taken over by the NCAS Computational Modelling Services (NCAS-CMS). If you have suggestions for improvement then please contact Rosalyn Hatcher at NCAS-CMS (
Double It    View details    Process XML    Submit a request    See USER GUIDE
The "DoubleIt" process is used to demonstrate how the WPS and the WPS User Interface work. The process accepts an integer or floating point number and returns some XML containing the input number double.
Extract UK Station Data    View details    Process XML    Submit a request    See USER GUIDE
The "Extract UK Station Data" process provides tools to access surface station weather observations for a range of variables throughout the UK. These include temperature, rainfall and wind measurements. These records are available from 1859 to this year.

You can select which stations you require using either a bounding box, a list of UK counties, a list of station IDs or an uploaded file containing station IDs. Data is returned in CSV or tab-delimited text files. Please see the disclaimer.
Get Weather Stations    View details    Process XML    Submit a request   
The "GetWeatherStations" process allows the user to identify a set of Weather Station numeric IDs. These can be selected using temporal and spatial filters to derive a list of stations that the user is interested in. The output is a text file containing one station ID per line. Please see the disclaimer.
Subsetter    View details    Process XML    Submit a request    See USER GUIDE
A Subsetting tool that allows the extraction of variable subsets from a range of datasets. The user can select a dataset, a single variable, time range and bounding box. The output format can also be selected (NetCDF or CSV) along with instructions on how to divide output files into sensible time chunks. The tool uses CDAT's CDMS (Climate Data Management System) libraries to interact with the datasets in the archives. The extraction jobs run on the batch processing servers and the user is e-mailed when the job has completed.