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COWS Web Processing Service (COWS WPS)

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7. Interoperability and service-chaining

7.1. The WPS methods

As defined in the [OGC-WPS] specification, a Web Processing Service must support the following methods:

an XML doc saying the names of processes deployed within the WPS
details on the inputs/outputs of a given process
a request to execute a job using a providing the process ID and input parameters

When you have installed your own local COWS WPS then the you should be able to call the following via a browser to get XML responses:


7.2. Interoperability testing

Most of the development effort supporting the COWS WPS has so far focussed on the functionality and framework aspects of the tool. Future effort be concentrated on standards-compliance. The most reliable method for achieving such compliance is interoperability testing. The COWS WPS authors welcome the opportunity to participate in interoperability testing with other WPS implementations. Initially this will involve testing the server aspect of the framework but the intention is for the CWUI to also be detachable from the local server in order to act as a client to external WPS servers.

7.3. Handling “dynamic” input parameters

To be continued...there is a paper under review

7.3.1. What are dynamic parameters and why are they useful?

To be continued...

7.3.2. In the DescribeProcess response

More to come...

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